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Bestway Rehab is the leading rehabilitation center that offers drug rehab, addiction treatments, and alcohol rehab. Our drug rehab clinic has qualified staff for all types of rehab treatments including Assessment and Evaluation of physical and mental health, detoxification and opioid treatment with therapy and counseling. Our drug & alcohol rehabilitation nurses are always available to help you overcome your intoxicants addictions. Our drug rehab center also offers all modern drug rehabilitation services.

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Rehabilitation Center in Conroe, TX

Drug Rehabilitation Center in Conroe

Choose Conroe rehabilitation center to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction with most experienced drug rehab staff in Conroe, TX.

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Affordable Rehab Facilities in Conroe

We provide the most affordable rehab facilities in Conroe for your loved ones to overcome their drug and alcohol addictions.

Qualified Rehab Team

Qualified Conroe Rehab Team

Our mental rehabilitation center is very active to treat inpatient alcohol rehab & outpatient rehab in Conroe.

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Best Conroe Rehabilitation Center

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation  centers offers the best detox services in Conroe for drug, alcohol and all kinds of intoxicants at cheap rates.

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Addiction Treatment in Conroe

Drug rehabilitation center also offers depression rehab in Conroe by using the latest and modern addiction treatments to cure drug and alcohol addiction.

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Conroe Drug Rehab Programs

We offer long term rehab programs to cure drugs and alcohol in Conroe. Rehab for teens and rehab for women is also available.

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We got a list of the best rehabilitation centers in Texas offering different types of drug addiction treatments and programs near you.

Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center Conroe VA Clinic

690 South Loop 336 West Conroe, TX 77304
  • Our outpatient clinic offers primary care to help you stay healthy and well throughout your life
Rehabilitation Center
  • Alcohol Rehab

The Bridge Counseling Center

420 West Lewis Street Conroe, TX 77301
  • Counseling for individuals, families, couples, adolescents and children
Rehabilitation Center
  • Alcohol Rehab

Hope Healing and Recovery Therapy

15456 Pin Oak Drive Conroe, TX 77384
  • We offer applied behavioral analysis for 18 months- 12 years. We are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of our patients and their families.
Rehabilitation Center
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Woodland Springs

15860 Old Conroe Road Conroe, TX 77384
  • Woodland Springs is a behavioral health and substance abuse treatment center in Conroe, Texas. They strive to deliver whole person care to clients of all ages in a modern clinical setting. Services they offer include detox, inpatient residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), outpatient programs, individual therapy, group therapy, medication assisted treatment (MAT), family services, education groups, life and coping skills development, mindfulness training, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and dual diagnosis care.
Rehabilitation Center
  • Alcohol Rehab

The Right Step Conroe

5452 Texas 105 Conroe, TX 77304
  • The Right Step -- Conroe is a substance abuse treatment center in Conroe, Texas. This location is part of The Right Step network of treatment centers, which provide a full continuum of care to adult clients. Services offered include detox, inpatient residential treatment, outpatient treatment, individual therapy, group counseling, art therapy, experiential therapy, spirituality support, shame resilience groups, relapse prevention, medication assisted treatment (MAT), 12 step groups, dual diagnosis treatment, and aftercare planning.
Rehabilitation Center
  • Alcohol Rehab

Magnolia City Detox

1006 Windsor Lakes Blvd #250 Conroe, TX 77384
  • Our state-of-the art residential treatment & detox facility is designed especially to provide compassionate, individualized care for those overcoming addiction. With JCAHO accreditation and full medical staff onsite, we offer the utmost safety and security during detoxification. We also offer a number of medication-assisted therapies combined with other holistic approaches to ensure successful recovery. Magnolia City Detox is located in The Woodlands, Texas which is in the Greater Houston Area.
Rehabilitation Center
  • Detox Treatment

Tri County Behavioral Healthcare Conroe Service Center

233 Conroe, TX 77304 Sgt Ed Holcomb Boulevard South
  • Mental health symptoms can significantly impact many aspects of a person?s life, including his or her relationships, family functioning, work, leisure time, and overall quality of life. Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare offers mental health services and provides resources and referrals to help our clients make positive changes in their lives.
Rehabilitation Center
  • alcohol rehab

Aspire Hospital

2006 South Loop 336 West Conroe, TX 77304
  • Aspire Hospital is a physician owned hospital providing substance abuse and mental health treatment in Conroe, Texas. Aspire has several locations throughout Texas, and each one is equipped with state of the art tools and amenities. Services offered include inpatient residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), individual therapy, group therapy, education groups, coping skills development, and relapse prevention. Clients in these programs can access other care services from Aspire as well.
Rehabilitation Center
  • alcohol rehab

Conroe Treatment and Recovery Center

501 Everett Street Conroe, TX 77301
  • Conroe Treatment and Recovery Center (CTRC) is a substance abuse treatment facility in Conroe, Texas. They specifically treat opiate addiction in adult clients using the latest techniques and evidence backed methods. Services offered by CTRC include detox, outpatient treatment, individual treatment, medication assisted treatment (MAT), coping skill development, life skill development, drug screenings, and assessments. Care at CTRC is individualized to meet the needs of each client based on age, drugs used, how long they've been addicted, and other factors.
Rehabilitation Center
  • alcohol rehab

Woodland Springs Behavioral Health

15860 Old Conroe Road Conroe, TX 77384
  • Woodland Springs Behavioral Health is a mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation facility offering supervised detox, inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization programs as well as online therapy. Care focuses on each person?s needs with behavioral and holistic treatments, medication, educational programs, and recreational activities available. Treatment includes individual therapy, group support sessions, family meetings, and medication-assisted therapy. Patients in the intensive outpatient program meet with counselors 3-5 days each week in three-hour sessions for group therapy, skill-building, and support meetings. Aftercare includes help connecting with Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous programs and alumni support. Woodlands Springs also supplies treatment for co-occurring conditions and provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for those who have a mental illness.
Rehabilitation Center
  • alcohol rehab

Positive Recovery Centers ? Conroe

3500 Conroe, Texas 77304West Davis Street, Suite 300
  • Positive Recovery Centers offers intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and supportive aftercare programs to those suffering from substance abuse. The intensive outpatient program allows the patient to live life while concentrating on recovery. The program includes individual and group therapies and places a special focus on family therapy. Weekly family therapy sessions are offered to help inspire positive changes while addressing the entire family?s needs. Positive Recovery?s aftercare program helps reinforce coping strategies and skills learned in treatment and offers support from others in recovery. The program encourages individuals to take part in self-help groups, 12 Step groups, and volunteer activities to help enrich their recovery process.
Rehabilitation Center
  • alcohol rehab

The Rehabilitation And Wellness Center in Conroe

Bestway Rehab in Conroe aims to help people struggling with addiction in their rehabilitation journey to a drug-free healthy life. Addiction is fatal, whether it is alcohol, drugs, or opioids, and kills thousands of Americans every year and impacts millions of lives. About 90,000 people die as a result of alcohol every year in the United States and about 150 Americans die each day from an Opioid overdose. We understand how addiction affects the sufferer’s personal and social life. Drugs and Alcohol have long-term effects on the individual’s well-being and self-esteem. Healthcare experts at Bestway Rehab are here to help to get your life back on track! At Bestway Rehab, we provide personalized addiction and mental health treatment with 24/7 Medical Supervision. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, do not hesitate to reach out for help. We keep your information 100% confidential and provide the treatment you need!

Rehabilitation Center Conroe - TX

Beginning of A New Life At Bestway Rehab

Bestway Rehab helps you to start a healthy life with our drug and alcohol rehab services. We have certified healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing effective treatment options and quality care for each and every client. We understand the value of human life and want individuals to play a constructive part in society. Through Counseling, Behavioral Therapy, and Drug Rehabilitation, we bring individuals toward a normal life. We remain with you until complete recovery. The new beginning of your life is our objective and purpose!

Our Services At Bestway Rehab

Our medical experts  and skilled nursing facility provide 24/7 medical supervision and inspection along with the following services at Bestway Rehab in Conroe:

  • Counseling
  • Multiple Therapies
  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Drug Rehab
  • Inpatient Rehab 
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Suboxone Treatment by our Suboxone Doctors
  • Methadone Treatment at our Methadone Clinic


Counseling is an integral part of the recovery process. Bestway Rehab provide counseling to patients that helps them overcome previous trauma and psychological block, helps them identify their addiction-related problems, and provides them with the motivation to make a commitment to change. Through our various counseling sessions in inpatient as well as outpatient rehab treatment, we encourage the patient in forming a positive sense of physical and emotional well-being, so that they may reclaim a meaningful and mentally healthy life.

Multiple Therapies And Treatments

We offer multiple therapies and treatments. The goal of our Rehabilitation Treatments is to help patients change their behavior, attitude, and beliefs concerning substance abuse and to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Bestway Rehab provides behavioral therapy that helps individuals to change their attitude and behavior toward substance misuse.

Alcohol Rehab in Conroe

Our Bestway Rehab in Conroe provides professional help to alcohol addicts to combat alcohol addiction. Our alcohol rehabilitation offers a treatment that is effective in assisting addiction recovery and treating mental health and helps the individual regain their self-confidence and emotional well-being.

Drug Rehab in Conroe

Drug rehab helps individuals to recover from addictions and mental illness. Addicted people need more care and assistance than drug rehab provides, so that they may start a healthy life. At our drug treatment center, we provide behavioral therapy to help the addicted person start a new life. If you or anyone around you is struggling with drug addiction, Bestway Rehab is here to support you on the journey to recovery.

Drug Rehab in Conroe

Inpatient Rehab For Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Conroe

Addiction can be very difficult to overcome alone, however, the healing environment with 24/7 medical supervision at Bestway Rehab provides the support for a successful and long-term recovery. Our Inpatient Rehab is one of our most effective treatment options for helping individuals overcome their addictions. We offer comprehensive support for those struggling with addiction to alcohol, prescription pills or painkillers, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, stimulants, inhalants, and sedatives. Those attending our addiction treatment not only conquer their addiction but also learn the essential tools for building a productive, healthy, and happy life.

Outpatient Rehab in Conroe

We also offer Outpatient Rehabilitation, in which the patient resides at their home or in a decent living community and attends a few hours at our treatment facility for individual or group therapy. The outpatient rehab therapies are similar to those provided in our Inpatient Bestway Rehab and provide a number of individual and group therapies that the patient can attend while living a normal life.

Suboxone Doctors in Conroe

Suboxone is a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) that works to decrease the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and reduce a patient’s dependence on opioids in the long term. We understand that withdrawal from opioids can be excruciating and physically draining, but our suboxone doctors can help ease this process. Our suboxone doctors at Bestway Rehab are reliable and experienced in providing suboxone treatment, which not only helps in preventing drug misuse but also gradually brings the individual out of opioid dependence. We counsel the individuals and motivate them to stop using opioids and lead an addiction-free life.

Suboxone Doctors in Conroe

Methadone Clinic in Bestway Rehab

Methadone is a medication that has the longest history of use for Opioid Use Disorder. Methadone is safe and effective, only when used by a doctor’s prescription. Our medical professionals at Methadone Clinic provide methadone prescriptions and counseling to help people regain active and meaningful lives and sustain long-term success. You can count on us for your methadone needs. Our Methadone Clinic in Conroe provides a facility for those seeking opioid addiction treatment to receive medication that will help them begin their journey to addiction recovery.

Why Choose Bestway Rehab For Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

We are aimed to help the sufferer of addiction in regaining a happy and healthy life. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction of any kind, we are here to help you out! Our rehabilitation center provides complete rehab facilities for drug and alcohol addiction, opioid dependence, and issues concerning mental health like depression.

Rehab Center in Conroe

We are a reliable and trusted rehabilitation center in Conroe to help you or your loved one struggling with addiction in this journey to an addiction-free life in the safest and most effective way.

Complete Drug Rehabilitation in Conroe

Bestway Rehab is a complete drug rehabilitation center in Conroe and we provide comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, and for issues concerning mental health. If you or anyone around you is suffering from addiction or mental health issues, do not wait or hesitate to reach out to us. We will provide the best treatment plan that you need.

Addiction Treatment Center in Conroe

Bestway Rehab provides a complete and comprehensive treatment for addiction, be it alcohol addiction, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, benzodiazepines, or inhalants. Our medical professionals at Bestway Rehab have years of experience and are there to help. We understand the journey from addiction to an addiction-free life is not easy, but we can make it less difficult and more favorable to help you get your life back on track!

Addiction Treatment Center in Conroe

Mental Health Rehab in Conroe

Bestway Rehab also provides rehabilitation for mental health, which includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health issues should never be ignored. Bestway Rehab in Conroe offers mental health rehab for behavioral and emotional disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. Through our counseling and various therapies, we help the patient in regaining an active and mentally-healthy life.

Suboxone Doctors At Bestway Rehab

What is Our Suboxone Treatment?

Our suboxone treatment is the most effective addiction treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), in treating opioid withdrawal and preventing relapse to opioid use. Suboxone is a combination medication consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone and is used to decrease the severity of withdrawal symptoms and block the opioid effect. This medication should only be used through a suboxone doctor’s prescription. Our Suboxone doctors are skilled in providing Suboxone Treatment for opioid dependence and addiction.

What Are Opioids And Opioid Addiction?

Opioids are a class of drugs used for pain relief. Opioids are highly addictive, as they trigger the release of endorphins, your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters and ultimately increase the individual’s opioid dependence. Our suboxone treatment blocks the opioid effect and helps in managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. We have Suboxone Doctors at Bestway Rehab who prescribe medications and also offer counseling services.

Treatment And Recovery

We understand that each patient is unique and has a different medical history. We treat each patient with a comprehensive suboxone treatment and our Suboxone Doctors work closely to find solutions that fit the patient’s needs. We offer a safe and supportive environment to help our patients out of opioid addiction with sustainable positive effects on their emotional and physical well-being. Our comprehensive suboxone treatment plan includes strategies to assist the patient in adopting healthy behaviors for long-lasting recovery.

Treatment And Recovery

Why You Should Choose Our Suboxone Treatment in Conroe?

Combating opioid dependence or addiction is one of the toughest things for a patient. Attempting to detox yourself from it can be an exhausting battle and can leave your body feeling mentally and physically torn apart. At Bestway Rehab, we try to make the process less painful. Through our suboxone treatment, our professional and certified doctors help the patient to break away from the endless cycle of opioid dependence and to regain a healthy, active, and meaningful life.

Methadone Clinic At Bestway Rehab

What is Our Methadone Treatment?

Methadone is a medication in addiction treatment. Our methadone treatment helps prevent withdrawal symptoms in patients who are addicted to Opiate Drugs, eventually helping them stop taking drugs. However, methadone should only be taken under medical supervision. Our methadone treatment at our methadone clinic is completely safe, as we have doctors and medical staff experienced in this field.

Methadone Treatments At Bestway Rehab

We offer the following addiction treatments at our Methadone Clinic:

  • Morphine Addiction Treatment
  • Heroin Addiction Treatment
  • Codeine Addiction Treatment
  • Oxymorphone Addiction Treatment
  • Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment
  • Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

How Does Our Methadone Treatment Work?

Our doctors at the Methadone Clinic closely monitor the patient during this treatment. Individuals struggling with opioid addiction are always in need of reliable and professional methadone clinics to restore them to a healthy and decent life. At Bestway Rehab, we provide the medical supervision and counseling required during this treatment to bring the patient out of the addiction gradually. Each patient's progress is closely monitored and the patient is asked to attend group or individual sessions to receive closer supervision. For the restoration of a healthy family, methadone maintenance is compulsory, and the experienced doctors at Bestway Rehab help the individuals at every step of recovery.

Who Needs The Methadone Treatment And How is it Administered?

A person who is addicted to opioids needs methadone treatment to be free from opioid dependence. The treatment consists of detoxification and maintenance. However, patients on higher doses may face painful conditions and injuries which require additional analgesia. An outpatient treatment program normally provides our Methadone Maintenance Treatment. After a period of stability with the Methadone Treatment at our methadone clinic in Conroe, patients may be allowed to take methadone at home between program visits. The length of time in methadone treatment varies from person to person.

Why You Should Choose Our Methadone Clinic in Conroe?

Methadone maintenance treatment at Bestway Rehab is highly effective in combating addiction, regardless of the type and severity of the addiction. One of the main reasons people choose our methadone treatment is because it is cost-effective and convenient as compared to residential treatment. With methadone treatment at Bestway Rehab, you pay for the medication and services, not for accommodations. Patients receiving methadone treatment at Bestway Rehab can continue to live their lives with minimal interruption. Bestway Rehab' methadone clinic in Conroe provides a way to begin and sustain recovery while remaining independent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rehabilitation Center

Why the drug users should be sent to a rehabilitation center in Conroe?-

Rehabilitation centers in Conroe provide a safe and structured environment where individuals can address the root causes of their drug use, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and build the skills and self-esteem necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. In a rehabilitation setting, individuals have access to a range of evidence-based therapies, medical care, and other resources to help them overcome their addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

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